Sunday, July 31, 2022

Day 169. July 31

Just returned from Nashville Tn by plane for a get together with our family and to visit my mom. . We had so much fun with all . It was great to see everyone. We are here at Mackinaw city for one more day due to weather. I left my phone there so no pics till Tues.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Days 164-168. July 20-24

We left Harrisville and stayed at Presquale the next day which was 54 miles. Water was smooth today and still beautiful. On the 22nd we traveled to Macinac city for 77 miles. Staying here for several days as we leave for Nashville on Thursday. We are enjoying touring Macinaw Island. The island has such colorful flowers everywhere.
Pictures on the island
Grand hotel
Of course I had to take this pic even though it’s not a relative of mine
The arch
Macinac Island has the famous Grand Hotel.There are only bikes and horses allowed on the island. The horse drawn carriages are plentiful. The island is open from April to Oct 31. Going to a nice restaurant for our 46th anniversary tonight!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Days160-163. July 18-20

Traveled from St Clair to Sinalac for 42 miles on the 18th. Went paddleboarding and swimming. Left the 19th for a small town called Harrisville for 94 miles. We had about 2 hrs of some rock and roll! Staying here
until the 21st due to winds. We saw this beautiful wooden chris craft as pictured.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Days 158-159. July 17-18

Having some trouble with my blog not working. I couldn't explain the pics on the last blog but oh well. Hopefully i can add it later. We traveled on the St Clair river yeaterday and today we entered Lake Huron. Water is still blue and actually swam in it today. The temp was 80 and so was the water. These are all cute towns. Saw this black squirrel as pictured as i have never seen one.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Day 156. July 16

Traveled past Detroit to Jefferson beach. 1000 boats in this marina. it is quite the hangout, but to big for us. et back up with our looper friends and went to dinner and played cards. heading to St Clair tomorrow. All together,4100 miles and 7500
gallons of diesel.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Day155. July15

 Traveled to Toledo Beach.  Calm day. Boated  byPut in Bay Met nice people docked behind us.  He is a D J for Yacht Rock Radio.  Interesting the friends you meet.  Went swimming in the afternoon and the it rained that night. Beat Bob in Sequence. Yea me! Heading to Jefferson Beach in the morning for 53 miles and meeting up with our looper friends again 

Put in Bay

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Days 154-155. July 13-14

 Traveled on Lake Erie to Kelley’s island.  Sandusky is across from us and Put in Bay on our right.  Hung out last night and enjoyed the view with this amazing moon.  It rains a few hours after we arrived.  Today we rented a golf cart with our looper friends Tim and Jan and toured all day.  At 1:00:in the afternoon it was 73 degrees. Such a nice break from the heat. Leaving tomorrow to Toledo beach. Happy 95th to my mom!

Cool chicks

Homes on island

Bar note

Moon coming up

Trying to lift that tittie up !😂

Tim and Jan

Cedar pt