Friday, September 23, 2022

Day 221. Sept 22

 Leaving Green turtle bay for home at Aqua!  Left At 6:45 and arrived at 5:00 with friends circling and honking!  Quite a thrill.  Docked with banners, appetizers, and dinner for us and most of everyone here to welcome us. Great to be back and get our gold flag.


70 locks   18 states   2 countries   5,835 total  miles   10,680 gallons of diesel   459 hrs on engine  630 hrs on generator,  .62 mpg. AND THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME!  Hope all enjoyed following us.

Last lock

Our dock

Leaving at sunrise for home
Getting our gold flag

Bye green turtle bay

Another pic of the last lock coming into home at Pickwick

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Days 217-220. Sept 18 -21

Docked near us

Great store

Patties restaurant

Another great store

 Traveled 209 miles to Green Turtle Bay.  We skipped Paducah and went on.  Jan and Tim met us here also.  They crossed their wake here.  For you non loopers, that means that is where they started. Then you get the gold flag.   We will be crossing at our next stop which is home at Aqua  Harbor on Thursday. I think is extremely hot here at 97 degrees ,as I miss Michigan weather  already.  We have been shopping, swimming in the pool, and of course eating!  We met up with our friends Randy and Shanna Durbin last night at Patties restaurant.  Two pages of desserts!
Tim and Jan getting their flag along with their dog Brick


Day 217 Sept 17

In a pool

 Traveled 94 miles thru 2 locks and legendary Hoppies for diesel.  Last stop for gas until Paducah.  Boated by St Louis as they have no docks.  Moored at Kaskaskia lock wall with 7 other loopers and Jan and Tim.   Grilled out with them. 

Grafton oyster bar

Famous hoppies

Kaskkasia where we tied up

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Day 216 Sept 16

Traveled 80 miles from Logston (the name of the tug stop) to Grafton Ill. At the marina in Grafton was. great restaurant and Oyster bar. We got to fill up with water and did lots of laundry.  Jan and Tim met back up with us. We are not sure how far we will go tomorrow.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Day 215. Sept 15

 We  awakened at 5 am to make the lock this morning.  However, they are letting the barges thru so we had to wait until 3:00. We therefore went back to bed ,slept in, and  I made a big breakfast.  We were in the lock with 14 other boats and then took off after that.  We left our friends Jan and Tim as they can’t go as fast but will see them again along the way.  Stoped at Beardstown Ill. at a tug stop overnight at 6:30 pm. We will be in nowhere land for a while!  

Day 214 Sept 14

 Left early in the fog for a 12 hr day.  Went thru 3 locks and had to wait for the fourth overnight in Peoria I’ll. Lock master said it would open at 6 am. We then anchored out,ate and went to bed for the early morning.


Bridge at Peoria

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Day 213 Sept 13

Left At 6 am and arrived at 6 pm.  Long day!  Went through over 30 bridges which most ,had to open for us and 3 locks.  This Illinois river is a no wake. At one lock,we had to wait 2 hrs.  As you will see in the pictures, there were 14 boats in our group.  All the northern loopers headed south for the winter.  Made it under the fixed bridge that is everyone’s worry.  This is a very industrial river.

Boats in our lock
Many bridges

Monday, September 12, 2022

Days 200-212 Sept 1-12

 While I was gone to Tx, Mark arrived to help Bob. Mark is our friend who started the loop with us.  He flew into Grand Rapids and came to the boat in Holland Michigan.  They did projects on the boat ,put our new dingy on the back, and traveled on to Chicago where I flew back into.  We stayed at the marina by the Bears stadium.  It was cool as they played on Sunday.  I visited the planetarium and my friends will be very pleased.  Right Rick?  We had dinner with our friends Sherrie and Mark.   Traveled a short distance today to Hammond In. where we will begin early at 6 am for a 10 hr day thru the locks to the Illinois river.            .  By the way, as you can tell,there was no blogging by Bob when I was gone   What would he do without me?😂

Sherrie,me Mark,Bob and Mark

Downtown Chicago

Bears stadium

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Day 199-200 Aug 31

 Leaving tomorrow for Texas to keep my grandchildren while the parents go to Belize for a much needed vacation. Mark will come back and continue on with Bob until I return on the 10th. Hopefully he will take over my blog while I am gone!