Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Days 131-132 May 30-31

 Spent the 30th with more family   It was Memorial Day and we saw a marine who served in Vietnam and came out in his dingy in the water and laid 33 long stemmed carnations in the water a few yards apart.  He then saluted and drove back to the marina.  We had the chills and will remember that forever.  We found out he does it every year for the 33 comrades he lost in the war.  We left this morning for Cape May.  We went to the famous Lobster house around here which was really good.  Heading to Manasquan tomorrow.  60 miles

Todd and Cathy

 NUnclear plant

New scallop boat
Niece Amanda

Cape May
Coast guard station
Coast guard boat
Matt,Amanda,Jacob and Carleigh Fenn


Monday, May 30, 2022

Days 128-130. May 28-30

 Spending  Memorial weekend in Chesapeake City Maryland with family and friends. Weather is perfect about 82.  Watched the beginning of the Indy 500.  Good to see pics of the home city. We are leaving tomorrow for Cape May.


Todd Vanderhoof and Bob

Bobs brothers Jim and Jeff

Todd takes them for a ride. 72 mph

Eating a fish ! Gross

The outlaws. Steph and Sherrie and me

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Days.127-128 May 26-27

 We stayed in Rock Hall for one day.Boring but nice  marina.  They had nice bikes  to ride even if you fall off like me!  Bob wanted to take a pic but I wouldn’t let him. Moved on to Chesapeake city the next day to meet up with Jim and Steph again.  We will be with his family for the weekend and our friends from  New Jersey.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Day 126 May 25

 We had such a fun day!  We took our dingy out and watched the blue angels do their air show over us.  It was awesome. There were hundreds of boats out in the Chesapeake to watch.  We then walked around the area around the naval academy and went to the oldest bar in Maryland and third oldest in the country. 
Bar we liked

I tried to post videos of the air show but it’s not working 

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Days 124-125 May 23-24

 Had a very interesting day touring the maritime museum in St. Michaels. I took a lot of pictures as you will see and then ate our Maryland crabs. Yum!   Arrived this morning in a morning drizzle in Annapolis. So far we have traveled 2868 miles  and used 4756.29 of diesel.   Will be here for the Blue Angels tomorrow Make sure you touch the pics to enlarge 


Our friend 

Family of eight lived in this

 Bifg shoes to fill

Crab steamers

Our other friend

Fancy oyster dishes
Loved the crabs!

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Days122-123. May21-22

 We stayed in Oxford last night instead of St.Michaels.(my mistake) The marina was having a cookout,so that was fun meeting other people.  It was a really hot day so I enjoyed the pool.  As most of you know,when it’s hot I have to be in water!  We arrived in St Michaels today.  Went swimming and listened to a band at the bar behind us  Beautiful night   Staying here tomorrow. So far we have traveled 2,850 miles.

Views behind our boat at marina

Friday, May 20, 2022

Days 118-121. May 17-20

 I’m slow in blogging as not much happened the last couple of days on our trip. We left Norfolk on the 17th to Whitestone Va. We stayed at windmill point. We had a dock car so we did errands to Ace hardware grocery and  of course Walmart.  Got to know the marina mgr. Tony.  It was a very cool night at his tiki bar.  Left on the 19rh  to Solomons Island Maryland.  Quaint stop with a few shops and of course restaurants and bars!   We biked to eat at the Pier and the Lighthouse and both were phenomenal and also La Vita. We went for a ride in the zodiac to explore and of course I got in the water at 70 degrees We are leaving in the morning to St Michaels.  Excited as I have heard great things about it.  It is a short distance.  We are stalling  time  to be in Annapolis for the graduation and the Blue Angels on the 22-23.

Solomons island marina 

Chesapeake lighthouse

Lobster roll yum!


Piper laying by leash waiting  for walk

Biking by the weather buoy

In the Chesapeake!  Happy!