Monday, April 25, 2022


Had fun still touring around Hilton ahead.  What a beautiful place. We are going home in the morning as Bob has meetings and I’m going to Nashville to see my mom and family.  Time for a groom for Piper and I for sure. Be back on May 2.    Here are pics from today.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Days98-99. April 23-24

 Enjoying Sea Pines which is on Hilton Head.  Staying at the marina there called Harbour Town. The four of us rode bikes all around the pretty trails, shopped and ate of course!

Leaving Savannah

Capitol building

Georgia  paddle wheel

Kim and  RyanThe four of us
Tree at marina

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Days 95-97 April 20-22

Of course everyone loves Savannah !  Kim and Ryan came this morning and we ate at my favorite restaurant,The Olde Pink House.  Toured down river street and the beautiful gardens and  the J WMarriott Plant riverside hotel. It was made from an old power plant and was something to see.  Heading today to Hilton Head for 3 days. We have traveled 2,024 miles with around 4,000 to go, 3100 gallons of gas

 Amythest in  the Marriott

Pink House and my drink the Pink Lady

Skelton of a bear

Quartz in the lobby

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Day93-94. April 18-19

 Isle of Hope is a small quaint town by Savannah.  The marina had a courtesy car so we got to tour around,  and due errands.  Leaving tomorrow to Savannah which is close by car, one hr on the .ICW.  (intercostal waterway)

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Day 92 April 17

Happy Easter to all our friends!  We had our traditional Easter dinner on the boat with Jim and Steph.  Our favorite part of Jekyll Island was the Driftwood beach. We have never seen anything like it. Drove around on the golf cart taking in all the scenery.  We leave for the Isle of Hope tomorrow which is 90 nautical miles.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Day 91 April 16

Last night we had 25 mph winds as we were anchored out by Cumberland Island. The anchor held but Bob was keeping a close eye.   Walked around the island today and loved watching the horses run around. The marshes were beautiful as was the whole island and beaches.

                                           Cumberland Island pics

American Waterways river cruise

Can’t say what this is but he’s having fun!

Unloading cargo ship

Days 89-90. April 14-15

 We spent some of our Thursday touring Flagler College which used to be a hotel called The Ponce de Leon.  It was truly amazing as it was built in the eighteen hundred in 18 months.  It has 11 huge Tiffany chandeliers which are the only ones in the world. Of course, I had to make one last stop at my martini bar.  Such a fun town.  Left this morning for Cumberland island by way of the ICW.  It was very windy and tide was tricky.  We went 60 miles and have gone a total of 1900 miles. Touring the island in the morning and heading to Jekyll island.

ICW to Cumberland

Sunrise at marina

Sunset  at marina bridge

Flagger college

Cool seeing this on Good Friday🙏🏻

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Days 86-88 April 11-13

 We came to St Augustine and it was only about 1 1/2 hrs to get here. Everyone said this would be one of our favorites and it truly is.  We are staying at the city marina where we walk off our boat and everything is there. It is in the beautiful historical area with a lot to see,tour,shop,and of course eat!  We ate at Harry’s, St Augustine fish camp, and others but my favorite stop before and after dinner is the Tiny Martini bar.  So many choices!   Met up with other loopers along the way there. Piper got to explore the beach for the first time, as we took her where there weren’t people.  You know her as she has to meet everyone.  She got to really run and she loved it.  We rented a car one day and drove around the other parts of the city. Going to tour more in the next day before we leave. Fun with our looper friends we have met

Bob,me ,Julie,John,Diane,Bob,and Jim and Steph. 


Sunday, April 10, 2022

Days84-85. April 9-10

 We were so fortunate to see the rocket launch from the water. I have a great video,and I hope it will let me post it. It is picky about videos. We also had dinner with Bob’s cousin,David and wife Debbie, and Bob’s brother Jim and wife Stephanie again.  Today we traveled to St Augustine and are anchoring out until tomorrow where we will dock for a few days and tour the oldest city in the USA.with Jim and Steph. They are boating some with us on their Floating Home.


David,Debbie Jim,Steph and us
Entering Daytona



Shallow spots along the inter coastal waterway

Boat at night

Friday, April 8, 2022

Days82-83. April7-8

We stayed in Vero Beach and went to the Navy Seals museum. We really enjoyed it.  Heading today to New Smyrna Beach which is 90 miles. We are hoping to see the launch today as we travel by. Sorry pics are not in order. I cant figure that out yet.

Memorial   The air tanks have sand in them from wherever they have been

Passing by the Jupiter lighthouse

Black hawk

Terrain vehicle

Salute to the navy seal dogs

Medical kit

All terrain