Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Day15 Jan 31

 It was fun crossing the gulf. It took about 8 hrs.  We left at 6am and arrived around 2pm. Rudy and Jamie Buono met us at the dock when we pulled in along with Mitzi Bruck and her brother Patrick.  I’m sure Mitzi and Mark were glad to see each other after 3 weeks.  The sunrise and sunset were beautiful as was pulling into Clearwater Bay.  The pics aren’t in order for some reason and I can’t figure it out how to arrange them.  This blogging stuff is hard for my old brain!  Enjoyed dinner with the group and spending some time here with the

Sunset in the bay

Sunrise starting out


  1. Very glad for you that Neptune was happy for the crossing. 20+ miles an hour for the crossing is no slouch run. :-) Enjoy following you.

  2. Exciting, glad you had a glorious day on the gulf…

  3. What beautiful pictures. I bet I can paint those sunsets haha. Love to all

  4. Love the pics. So thankful y’all made the crossing with good weather. You made great time. We re at Pickwick this week with the cold temps coming in. Sure is lonely up here!!! Y’all continue to enjoy and have safe travel
    Cindy and Mark