Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Days 131-132 May 30-31

 Spent the 30th with more family   It was Memorial Day and we saw a marine who served in Vietnam and came out in his dingy in the water and laid 33 long stemmed carnations in the water a few yards apart.  He then saluted and drove back to the marina.  We had the chills and will remember that forever.  We found out he does it every year for the 33 comrades he lost in the war.  We left this morning for Cape May.  We went to the famous Lobster house around here which was really good.  Heading to Manasquan tomorrow.  60 miles

Todd and Cathy

 NUnclear plant

New scallop boat
Niece Amanda

Cape May
Coast guard station
Coast guard boat
Matt,Amanda,Jacob and Carleigh Fenn


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