Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Days 217-220. Sept 18 -21

Docked near us

Great store

Patties restaurant

Another great store

 Traveled 209 miles to Green Turtle Bay.  We skipped Paducah and went on.  Jan and Tim met us here also.  They crossed their wake here.  For you non loopers, that means that is where they started. Then you get the gold flag.   We will be crossing at our next stop which is home at Aqua  Harbor on Thursday. I think is extremely hot here at 97 degrees ,as I miss Michigan weather  already.  We have been shopping, swimming in the pool, and of course eating!  We met up with our friends Randy and Shanna Durbin last night at Patties restaurant.  Two pages of desserts!
Tim and Jan getting their flag along with their dog Brick


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  1. Thank y’all for helping us celebrate our gold flag!! We are now both gold loopers! Love y’all!