Sunday, April 10, 2022

Days84-85. April 9-10

 We were so fortunate to see the rocket launch from the water. I have a great video,and I hope it will let me post it. It is picky about videos. We also had dinner with Bob’s cousin,David and wife Debbie, and Bob’s brother Jim and wife Stephanie again.  Today we traveled to St Augustine and are anchoring out until tomorrow where we will dock for a few days and tour the oldest city in the USA.with Jim and Steph. They are boating some with us on their Floating Home.


David,Debbie Jim,Steph and us
Entering Daytona



Shallow spots along the inter coastal waterway

Boat at night

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  1. You voted right past our favorite restaurant in Daytona The Down Under. It was a regular stop for us on bike weeks