Thursday, April 14, 2022

Days 86-88 April 11-13

 We came to St Augustine and it was only about 1 1/2 hrs to get here. Everyone said this would be one of our favorites and it truly is.  We are staying at the city marina where we walk off our boat and everything is there. It is in the beautiful historical area with a lot to see,tour,shop,and of course eat!  We ate at Harry’s, St Augustine fish camp, and others but my favorite stop before and after dinner is the Tiny Martini bar.  So many choices!   Met up with other loopers along the way there. Piper got to explore the beach for the first time, as we took her where there weren’t people.  You know her as she has to meet everyone.  She got to really run and she loved it.  We rented a car one day and drove around the other parts of the city. Going to tour more in the next day before we leave. Fun with our looper friends we have met

Bob,me ,Julie,John,Diane,Bob,and Jim and Steph. 


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