Friday, June 10, 2022

Day 140 - 142. June 8 -10

The marina at 43 North where we stayed in Bremerton was where our first cruiser boat stayed when we lived in Syracuse.  Due to weather, we stayed an extra night  and Bob worked most of the day repairing our shower in the master.  He had to cut part of wall and repair.  We played cards that night .  This morning the 10th, we left at 8:00 and continued on the Erie.  We then turned into Oneida Lake.  Thank goodness as the Erie Canal was slow and 22 locks and 7 on the Oswego.   Arrived  at 2:00 pm. Denise fell and cut her head but all was ok in the end.  Heading to Rochester tomorrow.

Fall at dam

Fulton  NY

First cruiser in Syracuse


Denise and Piper resting 

Small lock

Oneida lake

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