Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Day 3

Made it to our next marina called the Kingfisher in Demopolis  Ala.  Weather at 60 degrees and no problems.  We are hoping to leave in the morning but it doesn’t look like it so far.  The weather is calling for a lot of rain, and water is up 30 ft,so that means debris.  We will decide in the morning.  Relaxing with some cocktails, and having sea bass for dinner.  A few pics from the day, enjoy!

map of today

The Ebbs. Cliff is Limestone

Look closely!  A phone booth all by itself 


  1. Mark and I are enjoying being able to follow you on your exciting trip. I enjoy the pics too. Sure wish y’all were here with us in Key West , however we ll leave on Saturday and head back along the East Coast line. Y’all stay safe. Love Cindy and Mark