Thursday, January 27, 2022

Day11. Jan 27

  1. We decided to stay in SanDestin and enjoy it here. The gulf won’t be good to cross until Monday.  We are staying here and plan on leaving Sat to where we cross over on Monday.   We rented a golf cart and toured around.  We went to the beach and bars loving the sunshine even though it was 62 degrees. I’ll take it.  Pictures of the day:

    Parrot could bark!

    My new favorite summer drink called the Emerald coast cooler


  1. Great pics. I love Sandestin. Beautiful place. Just keep on rolling. Mark kills me. When I see him in pictures it reminds me of the houseboat picture he squeezed in for the cover. Love love

  2. There certainly worse places to get stuck, enjoy the relaxing time.

  3. Love the grouper at Back Porch. Remember those days